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Dutch Oven Sizing – Quarts or Inches?

Measuring and comparing dutch ovens is one of the biggest issues people ask about.  Some companies use the quart size like you would use with your kitchen pots while other companies use the actual physical dimensions of the top of the dutch oven.  And then there are a few companies that just use their own inventory number and don’t bother to tell you how big the oven is at all.

If you are out searching on the web for dutch oven information, you will find quarts and inches being used.  The problem with the inches measurement is that most dutch ovens are tapered and so the top is wider than the bottom.  A standard 12 inch dutch oven has a 10 inch bottom.  Quarts give you a volume measurement, but are difficult when you are using a liner or pan inside the oven.

The following chart gives some handy information comparing the various dutch oven sizes.  Hopefully it will help you figure out what size dutch oven you need.

Sizes & Capacities Of Dutch Ovens
Oven Size Oven Capacity Depth Weight Types Of Dishes
8″ 2 Quarts 3″ 11 lbs. Side dishes, vegetables, desserts, and sauces. Ideal for 2 or 3 people.
10″ 4 Quarts 3 ½” 15 lbs. Side dishes, vegetables, beans, small roasts, desserts, and sauces.
12″ 6 Quarts 3 ¾” 20 lbs. Roasts, poultry, fish, stews, potatoes, beans, rolls, breads, and desserts.
12″ D 8 Quarts 5″ 23 lbs. Standing rib roasts, hams, whole chickens, stews, potatoes, beans, rolls, and breads.
14″ 8 Quarts 3 ¾” 26 lbs. Larger roasts, poultry, stews, potatoes, rolls, breads, and desserts.
14″ D 10 Quarts 4 ½” 28 lbs. Standing rib roasts, hams, hens, stews, potatoes, rolls, and breads.
16″ 12 Quarts 3 ¾” 32 lbs. Large quantities of meat, stews, potatoes, rolls, breads, and desserts.

A couple of hints.

If you have a recipe that calls for a 9×13 pan, a standard 12 inch/6 quart dutch oven is comparable in size.

The Wolverine Dutch Oven is a 12 inch deep/8 quart dutch oven.

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